A Project Management Certification Can Boost Your Career

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All project managers, no matter the industry they work in, are tasked with completing projects successfully, efficiently, on time, and within their budget. The organizations they are part of, rely on them as trained professionals to generate and follow processes to accomplish organizational goals. With that being the case, project managers must be trained in the practices of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of their teams to achieve their specific goals and to meet specific criteria at specified times.

A project management certification is accepted worldwide in virtually every industry and provides greater career opportunities, credibility, and income for those that have it. It is a powerful tool in your professional tool belt!

What a Project Management Certification Can Do For You

There are a few key ways in which a project management certification can boost your career.

  1. Credibility: By holding a project management certification, you show that you are a professional in that field of work. If you're searching for a job or looking to be promoted, holding this certification helps prove your expertise in project management. It makes you more credible on paper (i.e. your resume or CV) and helps you look good in the eyes of current or future employers and employees.
  2. Professional Growth: There is a lot to learn to get your project management certification, and as you learn all of these new skills you expand your knowledge and grow in your field and personally. It is the perfect foundation for you if you want to see continued professional growth.
  3. Increased Chances of Recruitment and Being Hired: Believe it or not, project managers are in high demand. The Project Management Institute has reported that by 2027, employers will need an estimated 87.7 million project managers worldwide. There is currently a shortage of project managers needed to fill these positions, which means that your pursuit of a project management certification has the potential to bring many opportunities your way in the future.
  4. Up-to-Date with Industry Trends: Project management is a rapidly changing role, and the Project Management Institute (PMI) is always caught up with changes. The course content is consistently updated with the most current industry trends, which means you'll be updated with the newest information and equipped with the knowledge and skills that are relevant to the industry as it is today.
  5. Notification of New Job Opportunities: The Project Management Institute holds meetings globally for its members. As a project management certification holder, you have the opportunity to attend these meetings! You'll learn about industry changes and will hear about current job opportunities from fellow PMI members.
  6. Grow Your Professional Circle: Because the Project Management Institute gives you the opportunity to become a member of the PMI club, you have the opportunity to meet over 800,000 of the project management certification holders throughout the world. This opportunity to network with leaders across the globe is huge!
  7. Increased Personal Marketability: Being able to put the project management certification on your resume or CV is a big deal. It is accredited internationally and is recognized by the entire global business community. This helps legitimize your project management experience and increases your marketability when you're seeking employment in the United States or across the world.
  8. Higher Pay: A certified project manager will almost always be paid higher than a non-certified one. According to PMI, project managers that hold the project management certification earn 23% more than those without it.
  9. Value-Added for the Organization You Work For: A valuable employee is not easy for organizations to let go of. When you receive your project management certification, you bring great value to your organization. You will be able to tackle problems and setbacks with ease, better organize teams to achieve desired results and use resources efficiently.

How to Get Your Project Management Certification

Getting your project management certification takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But all of the work is worth it and is a smart investment that can help you get a more fulfilling job position, a higher salary, and career advancement.

At LeapFox, we offer world-class project management courses online and in-person to equip you with the skills you need, including:

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Introduction to Agile Project Management
  • CompTIA Project+
  • and more!

Learn more about our project management courses, or contact our office at (208) 898-9036 today to get started!