What is Delve and Why Should I Use It?

screen capture of Delve

If you're reading this blog, you're probably wondering what Delve is and how to incorporate it into your work life.

Well, what is Delve?  To start off with here is a video from Microsoft introducing Delve:


Delve allows you to view what your colleagues are working on. It gives you a place to easily access documents you have been working on. You can also search for documents, a colleague's documents, get deeper insight into who your colleagues are, as well as communicate with them.

Why use it though? What's the point?

1) You have relevant information right on your home page.

2) Searching for relevant documents throughout Office 365 can be cumbersome. When you use search in Delve, you can create a board out of those relevant documents to have them all in one place to share with your team.

3) You can search for user profiles.

You can search for almost anything using the search bar, but if you want to get in contact with a colleague and know more about them, you can just type in their name! in the search bar. Once you click on their profile, you're also able see anything you've shared with them in the past. You can send an email, Skype message, or even make a phone call just by clicking any of the links on their profile.

There is also a "People" tab on the left-hand side. It will list all of the colleagues you interact the most with.

This might be the coolest feature of all. Delve can figure out how many hours a week you spend in meetings, sending emails, and work time. It's like the iPhone's Health app, but for work. You can manage and edit your goals for each category. You can even send these statistics to somebody else.