Job Hunting? Get the Microsoft 365 Certification

Man using laptop, software certification

Remember the days when it was common to see "proficient in Microsoft Office programs" on your resume? Well, between the development of technology and the generic meaning behind "proficient in Microsoft Office programs," it doesn't do candidates any good to add that to a resume anymore. What really impresses now is a certification in Office 365. Why? Because it provides proof that you have a thorough understanding of all current Office applications and other essential business services. It's quite a bit more complex than just knowing how to use Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.

There are over 200 million monthly active users of Office 365, with most of these using the programs daily. With that, it's essential that every professional (especially IT professionals) know their way around Office 365. If you're looking to make yourself an ideal candidate for a professional position, you'll want to consider getting certified in Office 365 to boost your resume.

What's Makes Office 365 Different Then Microsoft Office

The most significant difference between Microsoft Office versus Office 365 is that Microsoft Office was downloaded once and remained on your computer. Office 365 is entirely in the cloud and connects companies better than ever. On-premise servers, file shares, databases, and software are no longer something companies have to have their IT departments set up if they have Office 365.

Office 365 is also not a one-time purchase like Microsoft Office was. It is a monthly or yearly paid subscription service that is constantly running the most recent updates to the programs so that users have the most updated version of programs at all times. It includes all Microsoft products, plus OneDrive for cloud storage, Office Online for documentation and digital file-sharing, and Skype for Business. Emails, contacts, calendars, and Office tools are all synced at all times, making real-time digital collaboration easier than ever.

How Office 365 Can Help You Become an Ideal Job Candidate

Getting the Office 365 certification is especially important for IT professionals of every expertise level, including:

  • Entry-level IT professionals
  • IT managers
  • SaaS administrators
  • Cloud application administrators
  • Application developers

With the Office 365 certification, IT professionals will gain the skills necessary to:

  • Move an entire organization to the cloud
  • Reduce data loss within a company
  • Improve security within a company
  • Increase flexibility and user productivity

There are no prerequisites for the course, making it an easy one to jump right into at any time!

Why Mastering Office 365 is Important for Any Business Professional

Because Office 365 is used across all industries and by companies throughout the world, every business professional can benefit from mastering it and adding it to their resume, not just IT professionals. Why? Because Office 365 can:

  • Help foster collaboration and communication across teams seamlessly. Connection to the cloud enables teams to digitally conduct meetings, share files, and foster greater organization throughout the company.
  • Empower you and your teams to not need the constant help of IT support. Because Office 365 is self-sufficient, if users have a good understanding of it, they won't need IT support. Most issues can be resolved within minutes by you.
  • You'll stay updated on the latest innovations from Microsoft. Microsoft cranks out incredible software and applications that make your life easier, and knowing about them as soon as they're available is invaluable.
  • The more you know, the more you'll know. Having a deep knowledge of Office 365 is a great stepping stone to learning other Microsoft specific tools and applications. The more you can learn, the more you can add to your resume and mental tool box.

If you are looking to learn more about the Office 365 certification, we offer comprehensive training for you to receive that certification. You can learn more about that here.