Be Proactive By Learning Business Applications

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Have you ever been browsing job openings on LinkedIn or another job search platform, found a job opening that caught your eye, read the description, and thought, "This sounds perfect for me!"

Then you continue to scroll down to required or preferred skills and your heart sinks because you realize that they want expertise and skills training that you don't have. It's probably in these moments that you have the thought, "If only I knew [Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, etc] so that I could apply!"

The biggest favor you can do for your future self is to take the initiative to learn those things NOW so that you don't regret not learning them later. Sure, it's going to take time and effort on your part, but your future self will thank you when you're searching for a new job or looking to get that promotion.

Business Application Skills That Companies Want

If you aren't sure which skills may be needed in the future, start taking a look at jobs you think you may be interested in and take note of the skills they list. Then take a proactive approach to your education and start working on those now! If you have absolutely no idea what job positions you may be interested in, later on, we'll cover some common ones that are seen on a professional job opening listing.

Microsoft Office Suite

80% of companies use Microsoft Office Suite, which means a thorough understanding of it is in high demand. Because it's so popular, it's easily transferable no matter the industry you work in. It requires expertise but doesn't only go with specialized jobs. Everyone from interns through management utilize Microsoft Office suite in every industry.

One of the biggest reasons it has grown in popularity since its inception is that Microsoft Office Suite enables companies to be more productive and improves their internal and external communication across the board. Official training in Microsoft Office Suite makes any resume stand out because it shows you know much more than just the basics of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. So no matter the industry you're in or wanting to get into, Microsoft Office Suite is a great place to start to build your skillsets.


As one of the leading accounting software programs available, Quickbooks is typically a required skill for jobs in accounting, human resources, administration, and management. Quickbooks enables you to generate financial statements and forecasts to be shared with shareholders and investors and is also commonly used for budgeting and for tax purposes.

The beauty of Quickbooks is that it has an intuitive interface that is easy to understand even if you don't have experience in accounting or finances. Quickbooks training enables you to:

  • Create instant invoices
  • Sync data across devices
  • Initiate payroll
  • Track sales and expenses
  • Access data securely
  • Make payments
  • and more

If you take LeapFox's Quickbooks application course you would learn skills such as:

  • How to enter company details and build lists in Quickbooks
  • How to set up and manage inventory in Quickbooks
  • How to record product sales
  • How to create invoices
  • How to set up and manage bank accounts in Quickbooks
  • How to manage assets and liabilities
  • How to do payroll
  • and more

Learning Should Be Constant

Any successful business professional will tell you that the key to their success was constantly learning. Even though there may not be pressure for you to learn something new right now, this may be the best time for you to do it. Get ahead in your career by doing things now that you may find yourself needing later. Invest in yourself now so that you don't feel behind later on. Learn more about our course offerings or contact us today to get started!