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The LeapFox Management series is a management training program designed to help managers and team leaders become more effective and successful in their capacity as a leader.  Here is what makes our training program work:

One Year Training Program
Participants attend 12 half-day workshops; one each month. Each workshop is fully loaded with relevant and ready-to-implement management training. More importantly, each workshop starts by reviewing last month learning with a mastermind session which allows instructors to mentor, correct, and hold participants accountable for the material they are learning and implementing.

Training and Mentoring by Professionals
Out training is delivered by in-the-field professionals who live what they teach.  Our instructors are professionals with real-life experience managing others.  Each training session includes a 30-minute mastermind session where the instructor reviews material from the previous month's training and invites participates to share what is working and what is not working as they work to implement new skills and management techniques.

Accountability.  Participants in our program will be challenged to implement what they learn in class in their professional and personal lives.  Our teachers will help hold program participants accountable, provide feedback, and cheer success on homework to ensure concepts taught are actually implemented.

Take Home Tools
Our curriculum has been specially designed for our unique program.  Each course will include take home told that participants can start using immediately on the job.  Our take-home tools serve as valuable resources that can be applied for years after the program has been completed.


Training Managers Need

Participants in our program attend twelve half-day management training workshops.  Our training topics have been carefully selected address the biggest challenges that managers face in the real world:


Communication using DISC Personalities


Learn to treat others not how you want to be treated, but how they want to be treated.   Communicate effectively using the four personality styles (Dominate, Influencer, Steady, and Compliant) found in the DiSC system.  Leaders who understand personality types and how to communicate to individuals appropriately experience better teamwork, higher productivity, and happier employees.  Learn the pitfalls, dangers, and high-stakes of miscommunication.  Decipher the difference between what people say and what they really mean so you can get rid of the guesswork.  Individuals respond best to those who “speak their language.”  Learn to speak the language of the people with whom you work.

Effective meetings

In today’s work environment, meetings consume an ever-increasing percentage of our time; however, a 2012 survey by Salary.com, ranked meetings as “the number one office productivity killer.”  Managing effective meetings is a core skill for every leader.  This segment will focus on providing both the tools and skills required to run effective, efficient meetings that leave the participants feeling energized and excited.  Topics covered include developing agendas, establishing meeting ground rules, managing group dynamics, leading brainstorming and other problem-solving discussions, time management, dealing with “meeting hijackers”, using technology effectively, and managing multi-cultural meetings.
Performance evaluations

Research shows that a manager’s relationship with their employees and one’s ability to set clear goals and expectations is the biggest leveraging point a leader has. Learn to design and deliver a performance evaluation that has lasting impact for leaders, employees, and for the organization’s bottom line.  Participants will learn to work with easy-to-use tools that will enable them to match employee goals with the organizations mission.  Time will be spent learning to set clear and measureable goals.  Each leader will discover ways to maximize influence and impact on each employee in a manner that builds trust and confidence.

Curbside Coaching

Organizations today are recognizing the need to retain managers and leaders who are also coaches.  Leaders who can motivate people to do their best, provide encouragement, and give positive feedback to help others improve are essential to an organization’s success. Learn to catch inaccuracies quickly, help others learn from their mistakes, deliver feedback to reinforce desirable behaviors, and how to motivate different types of people.   Inspire others to learn, grow, and develop in their careers so they enjoy success ad accomplishment.

Motivating Others

Contrary to common belief, salary, financial incentives and bonuses are not the secret sauce that will increase employee satisfaction and retention. Learn to discover what the real intrinsic motivator is for individuals so they can be effectively rewarded for going above and beyond.   Learn appropriate and effective ways to recognize people in teams and individually to enhance company culture and infuse energy back into the workplace.

Buddy to Boss


Learn practical strategies for managing your workplace relationships so the leader and team can successfully adapt and adjust to new roles and responsibilities within the organization.  Utilize simple yet highly effective tools to prepare for the conversations and changes one will need to initiate in order to successfully navigate new responsibilities as boss and leader.   Learn to use effective language to ask others for what is wanted and needed.   Utilize tools for converting undesirable behavior to desirable behavior to lead others in the direction of the organization.  Practice using a proactive feed-forward model to collaboratively engage the team in identifying common goals and objectives.

Build a Team around a Common MissionTo instill a passion for the organization’s purpose, the best leaders and managers find ways to engage employees by appealing to their needs to be part of something bigger than themselves.   Learn to align mission, culture, and brand with individual performance goals to empower individuals with a desire to excel in their role for reasons other than the paycheck.  By providing this strategic direction, mission-driven leaders maximize employee production and job satisfaction among teams.
Interview, Hire, and Retain Talent

Talent or “human resources” consume a great deal of time and money for many organizations.  Learn the value in a good hire, the cost of a poor hire and keys to ensure successful interviews and screenings.  Explore a variety of ways to find and identify the talent that is needed.   After a successful hire, learn to take it a step further to ensure they are properly trained, appreciated, supported, and challenged in their role.  Learn the keys to hiring from different generations by understanding generational strengths, weaknesses, and motivators

Ethics in the Workplace

 “It seems that no matter where we look today, the erosion of ethics and basic moral   principles of right and wrong have taken us to the point where trust in our institutions and the very systems that make our society work are in imminent danger of oblivion. Perhaps at no time during the last two or three decades has business ethics, or the lack thereof, been of such paramount importance to the well-being of our business entities and country.” The Decline of Ethical Behavior in Business, Jeffrey T. Luftig and Steven Ouellette.  Business ethics involves both an understanding of what is morally right and responsible and the ability or courage to act on this knowledge.  This leadership segment will focus what is ethical and responsible business behavior, and also how to act upon that knowledge.  Attention will also be given to corporate culture and ethics.

Time Management

Time is a created entity. It can work for or against leaders depending on their skill level.   In order to maximize the opportunities during this training session, managers will investigate individual “time” priorities, how to capitalize on power hours, scheduling tips, and delegation strategies.  Learn how to assign strategic objectives for yourself and your team and then assign priorities to create BIG VALUE accomplishments. Work and information from the session will culminate in specific time tools that increase efficiency and can be facilitated with teams to raise productivity.

Managing Unwanted Behavior and AttitudesAll organizations have perpetual management challenges; tardiness, negativity, gossip, lack of ownership, emotions, personal hygiene, inappropriate comments, missed deadlines, etc.  When faced without tools, these small challenges can seem overwhelming to new mangers and stand in the way of getting the real job accomplished.  Learn three tools that can be applied to almost any workplace challenge to help diffuse the situation.  Participants will engage in listening drills to make sure they hear and understand the root problem.  They will also learn a problem solving acronym that ensures 4 questions are answered before a solution is delivered.   Finally, participants will learn to plan, practice, and engage in difficult conversations.  The tools in this session will help address a variety of management challenges.
Becoming a Leader

Learn the key traits and behaviors practiced by great managers and leaders on a daily basis.  After completing the Strengthfinder assessment, participants will create a leadership philosophy that provides a strategy on how to manage individuals to achieve team goals.  Learn to lead and manage through change, coordinate a team through cooperation, encourage creativity, and build trust.




Q.  When does the program start?
A.  Participants can join the training program at any time during the year.  Before the first class starts you will have an orientation session. 

Q.  When are the monthly trainings?
A.  The first Thursday of each month.

Q. How many students are in each class?
A. 15-20

Q. How much does the program cost?
1 student..........$1899
2-5 students.....$1799/student
6-10 students...$1699/student
11+ students....$1599/student

Classes can also be purchased individually for $250 per class. 


To register call our office at (208) 898-9036