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Mon, 2014-11-10 12:24 -- scott

The Windows 10 Preview is out and we are really excited to see Microsoft is brining back the start menu.  The interface formerly known as "Metro" seems to be gone and there is no option to even bring it back.  Rather the new start menu is a mix of the traditional Windows 7 start menu plus the Windows 8 Metro start screen.

At this point we are not sure whether tables will get the desktop view plus the new start screen or whether they will retain the touch friendly Metro interface.   

From our beta testing new Windows 10 seems to be the "fixed version" of Windows 8.  The start menu is fast and easy to use.  The operating system is snappy, smart and responsive.  Microsoft does have a habit of doing that by they way.  Every other operating system is the previous one fixed.

Windows 95
Windows 98 (95 fixed)
Windows ME
Windows XP (ME fixed, mixed with 2000)
Windows Vista
Windows 7 (fixed)
Windows 8
Windows 10 (widnows 8 fixed)

The release date for Windows 10 is "later in the year 2015".

Scott Galloway