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Wed, 2014-07-30 05:04 -- codi

Lack the time to keep up with the rapid pace of new technology? Frustrated trying to accomplish more with less time?  Aggravated that you are still doing things the slow way even though you know there has to be a better way?   LeapFox Learning has great news!  Attend our FREE 2 –hour MS Office Productivity class and learn a variety of tips tricks that will help you be more effective using Word, Outlook, and Excel.  Learn to:

·        Embed videos in MS Office

·        Perform table calculations in Word

·        Save time in PowerPoint with styles in Word

·        Find recommended charts in Excel

·        Use stacked charts

·        Send Excel data to the slide deck

·        Create signatures in Word to use in Outlook

·        Schedule meeting effectively in Outlook

·        And more tips and tricks to help you use save time using MS Office

Let our Microsoft Certified Trainer show you what’s hot in today’s productivity trends and help you use the tools in MS Office to get work done faster, better, and easier.  Class is offered Thursday August 7th from 3:00-5:00 PM.  To register call 898-9036 or reply to register@leapfoxlearning.com.