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Mon, 2014-12-08 06:16 -- scott

More and more people are getting into video editing.  Here are some video editing options for the amateur.

Adobe Premier…$799
Topping the price chart on our list is Adobe Premier.  Premier is edging closer to professional studio grade video editing software with every release.  Premier does more and hence has a steeper learning curve.  For those familiar with the Adobe Suite of products, choosing Premier is a no brainer.  With the recent creative cloud pricing, you can pick up Premier as part of the entire suite for as low as $29.95/mo.

Sony Vegas Pro…..$599
Sony Vegas has many of the professional features found in Adobe Premier with notable differences being the lack of integration with other suite programs and a more simple learning curve.  Vegas is able to render 4K videos and has a wide array of high-level video and sound editing tools.  A great step up for the casual video editing enthusiast who wants to take his videos to the next level.   


CyberLink PowerDirector…..$79
PowerDirector is a great video editing program for the enthusiast on a budget.  I consider it the best of the sub $100 video editing programs.  The menus are simple; this program can be picked up by a novice who can be cutting video and adding audio on day one with very little learning curve.  PowerDirector is the perfect program to get started with video editing.

Pinnacle.  Ugg, don’t purchase this software.  The last version I used had a habit of crashing about every 5 minutes.  Don’t torture yourself with Pinnacle. 

Windows Movie Maker.  This free software from Microsoft is a good choice if you need to make a simple video and don’t have two nickels to rub together.  Just don’t complain about the lack of features or support. 

Scott Galloway
LeapFox Learning