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Mon, 2017-11-27 12:23 -- scott

We are running seven $99 courses in December.  Each course is $99 and will run from 1 pm - 4 pm.  Classes are all hands-on and are held at our training center in Meridian. 

Dec 13, Intro to Excel
In this course users will create a basic spreadsheet, perform calculations, and do basic spreadsheet formatting

Dec 14, Excel Pivot Tables
In this course you will learn to create, modify, and use Excel Pivot Tables

Dec 15, Excel Charts
In this course you will cover creating and editing charts in Excel

Dec 18, Excel Advanced Formulas
In this course will will cover the following functions: PMT, IF, VLOOKUP.  we will also cover advanced formatting, sorting, and filtering.

Dec 19, Getting Started with SharePoint Online
In this course you will learn what SharePoint Online is and how to use it.  We will cover the difference between previous versions of SharePoint.  You will learn how to accerss, read, add, and edit date on a team site.

Dec 20, Intro to Adobe Acrobat
In this course you will learn to get started with Acrobat Pro.  We will create PDFs, edit text, and modify PDF docuuments. 

Dec 22, Intro to Microsoft Project
In this course you will get started with Microsoft Project.  We will cover veiws, tables, formatt, tasks, linking, the calendar, establishing and assigning resoruces. 

To register call 208.898.9036 or email register@leapfoxlearning.com.